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Nuptial Flight Of Winged Ants

a winged ant on a piece of furniture

Of all social insects, ants are the most popular. When you think of an ant, the image of a worker collecting food automatically comes to mind. The workers are the most abundant breed of Ants. They are… Read More

How to Prevent and Rid Your Home Of Ants

black ants on a white rock

Spring has arrived and with it come one of the most difficult pests to control. Ants are amazing creatures. There are over 12,000 varieties of any worldwide, they live practically everywhere on Earth… Read More

The Life And Times Of The Pavement Ant

pavement ants on a driveway with dried leaf

Ants are one of the great anomalies in nature. They appear so small, but it belies the strength they are capable of. While many people are turned off by ants, especially when they interrupt a picnic… Read More

Let’s Talk Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Crawling In A Garden

When you think of all the different insects and rodents that can come and lay claim in your home, which is the one that makes you the most squeamish? Is it finding a large web with a large, menacing… Read More


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