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Are House Ants In Monmouth County, NJ Dangerous?

an ant infestation in a kitchen on a piece of food

When a particular pest is often spotted around a Monmouth County, NJ residence, sometimes it gives the impression that they’re nothing to be afraid of or alarmed about. This is especially true if… Read More

Getting Rid Of Those Pests - And Not the Human Ones!

ant crawling on white block

With most things in this life, staying clean is important, but in some instances no matter how clean someone stays little creatures and pests still make their way inside of the home. Ants are problems… Read More

The Little Black Ants Are Not Invincible So They Can Be…

little black ants on a kitchen sink

The little black ants' (monomorium minimum) origins are within the continent of North America. They find lots of ways into households often. They come to consume meats, honeydew, sweet food… Read More


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