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Why Do I Have An Ant Problem In My Monmouth County…

acrobat ant on a twig

Ants are a pest found in virtually every part of the world, except for the South Pole region. In the U.S. alone, more than 700 different species are estimated to be in existence. Ants appear in a wide… Read More

Ant Control

acrobat ants on a tree

One of the Earth's most efficacious species, the ants have populated nearly every part of the world, adjusting to thrive in all environments except the Antarctica's ice fields. Out of over 12,500… Read More

Getting Rid Of Those Pests - And Not the Human Ones!

ant crawling on white block

With most things in this life, staying clean is important, but in some instances no matter how clean someone stays little creatures and pests still make their way inside of the home. Ants are problems… Read More

The Little Black Ants Are Not Invincible So They Can Be…

little black ants on a kitchen sink

The little black ants' (monomorium minimum) origins are within the continent of North America. They find lots of ways into households often. They come to consume meats, honeydew, sweet food… Read More

What Are Winged Ants And Why Do They Swarm?

closeup photo of a single flying ant

Winged ants are a common sight in summer. Great swarms of winged ants will appear suddenly from existing ant colonies and fly around. It is during these swarms that the ants will mate and the… Read More


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