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What You Need To Know About Acrobat Ants

acrobat ant on a flower

Acrobat ants are found all around the United States. They get their name because of the way they are able to acrobatically raise her abdomen above their head, particularly when they are disturbed. Read More

What Are Winged Ants And Why Do They Swarm?

closeup photo of a single flying ant

Winged ants are a common sight in summer. Great swarms of winged ants will appear suddenly from existing ant colonies and fly around. It is during these swarms that the ants will mate and the… Read More

Types of Ant That Can Invade Your Home

pavement ants on a driveway

If you want to know how Odorous House Ants earned their unfortunate name, simply crush a few and your nose will provide the answer. This type of ant comes in various shades of brown, with worker ants… Read More


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