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Getting Ready for Fall with Pest Proofing

Raking a yard filled with leaves in the fall

It may be a relief that Summer is over in a way. You got rid of the pests that come with this season. However, you will now have to be aware of the pests that are associated with the cooler months of… Read More

Where Rodents Go During the Winter Months

rat caught in a cage

Everyone has probably heard those undesirable scratchy noises in the attic or in the ceiling. This is a sure sign that there is a rat of a mouse in the home. Your home doesn’t have to be dirty or… Read More

A Brief Guide to Stink Bugs

stink bug on a decaying leaf

Stink bugs are usually not popular in the garden or in the home. There are a couple of different varieties of these bugs which attack plants and vegetables and this needs to be controlled. They will… Read More

Ticks and The Damage They Cause

brown tick in dog fur

Ticks are under the scientific classification known as Arachnida, which is a class of joint legged invertebrate like mites, spiders, scorpions, etc. They have been in existence for 90 million years… Read More

Carpenter Bees and The Damages They Can Cause

carpenter bee landing on petunia

Carpenter bees are often categorized into two genera- Xylocopa (large carpenter bees) and Ceratina (small carpenter bees). These two genera do not have the same size, and this is probably the most… Read More

Fleas and Your Pet: Diagnosis, Prevention, And Protection

flea in silver hair

Fleas are one of the rampant external parasites that infest pets like cats and dogs. These blood sucking parasites are not only limited to dogs and cats but infect other mammals too. Severe health and… Read More


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