What Monmouth County Residents Should Know About Carpenter Bees

May 20, 2022

The last thing you want in your Monmouth County home or business premises is a carpenter bee infestation. Their painful sting aside, these insects nest in your structure’s wood, costing you a lot of money in repairs. Though male bees are aggressive, their female counterparts create holes in wood to build nests. Carpenter bee removal should not be a problem when you have Alliance Pest Services to get rid of carpenter bees professionally.

a carpenter bee burrowing a nest in wood

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bee removal starts with the inspection. These stinging insects have hairy thoraxes and blackish-blue abdomens. Moreover, they measure between ½ and 1 inch. Furthermore, females have pure black heads while males have white marks. Because they resemble each other, you should get your carpenter bee vs. bumble bee facts right. While the carpenter bees around your house feature shiny abdomens, bumble bees contain hairy sections with yellow marks.

Another distinction is their flying patterns. Bumble bees have a straighter movement than carpenters. The carpenter bees around your house look like they are chasing each other in the air. Additionally, bumble bees thrive in colonies, unlike carpenters that prefer a solitary lifestyle. You can also look for a stinger. Male carpenter bees don’t have stingers like their counterparts that attack humans and insects.

Conversely, female carpenter bees contain stingers, though they only attack when provoked. You’re more likely to encounter male carpenter bees since females spend most of their time tunneling through the wood. Furthermore, you’re less likely to see carpenter bees nest on your property because the insects live inside the wood. Females also create chambers to hold their eggs. You might have a bumble bee infestation if you spot a traditional nest on your property.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

You can spray pesticides around your house, but that doesn’t eliminate carpenter bees for good. Some insects could still be hiding within the wooden structure. Similarly, pesticides might harm your household members by triggering allergies. Not saying you should sit back and await an infestation.

For starters, fill abandoned holes. You could use aluminum foil, steel wool, or foam insulation. Because they love untreated wood, you can keep carpenter bees away by painting surfaces or staining them with varnish. Another option is hanging decoy wasp nests, and you can stuff paper bags with moss to mimic wasp nests. Remember that carpenter bees nest on your property if there are no wasps in the area. However, none of these preventative measures is foolproof. The best way to eliminate carpenter bees for good is to involve a pest control expert.

What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Monmouth County

Carpenter bees love softwood. But instead of eating the wood like termites, female bees bore holes with their mandibles to make nests. However, not every creature that tunnels through wood is a carpenter bee.

Here are signs of carpenter bee presence:

  • Sawdust Piles: You can find sawdust below the bee’s holes since they don't eat wood. The insect might even leave droppings on the sawdust. Additionally, you can pay attention to scraping sounds since the insects vibrate their bodies as they tunnel through your house.
  • Round Holes: These bees are famous for their even round holes. Carpenter bees drill straight tunnels that turn upward at right angles. Ordinarily, carpenter bees fly upward and hang on horizontal surfaces before drilling into the wood.
  • External Damage: Carpenter bees build nests on your home’s exterior for easy plant access and protection from humans. You might be dealing with different pests if you find destroyed wood inside your house.

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees

To rid your home of these stingers, pest control experts have all the honeybee vs. carpenter bee vs. bumble bee facts. Contact Alliance Pest Services today to get started on our home pest control or commercial pest control services and get rid of carpenter bees.

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