What Businesses should Look for in Roach Control, NJ

April 29, 2014

New Jersey is known for many things, Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, great beaches, and more. The Garden State has a lot of things going for it. Many businesses all over the state open their doors for tourists every year. But there is one type of visitor that no business ever wants crossing their threshold: cockroaches. Roach control in NJ, like in any other state, is an important part of keeping a business running. With many travel websites, users can look over reviews of hotels, B &B’s, and restaurants and find out what is really like to go there. In the Digital Age, a roach infestation can be a business owner’s worst nightmare. 

american cockroach crawling on food

Ugly, disease-ridden, and difficult to eradicate without professional, cockroaches are a recipe for disaster. They can turn a 5-star dining experience into a one-star nightmare, and aggravated patrons are quick to vent online. That’s why there are many businesses specializing in roach control in NJ. But not all are created equal. From training to equipment to chemicals used and the service, each company is different. But there are few things that business owners should look for in an exterminator:

  1. Availability: The best in roach control in NJ don’t work 9-5; they are available when their customers need them. Whether that is 4 PM or 4 AM, once an infestation is spotted, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible. One female German cockroach can lay up to 300-400 eggs in her lifetime, and it only takes about three to four months from when the eggs are laid for the offspring to become adults. Especially in the hospitality and food industries, getting infestations eliminated immediately is crucial as these types of businesses offer more opportunities for roach populations to explode quickly. 
  2. Pest Control Methods: While many NJ roach control companies may use a variety of chemicals to kill an infestation, at Alliance we believe in not damaging the environment. We use green pest control methods that eliminate the infestation fast and safely. When pesticides are used, we used them in a targeted fashion that destroys the infestation without over-spraying. For businesses this also means no lingering worry over chemicals being transferred to customers or guests.
  3. Coordination: When thinking about hiring a company for roach control in NJ, look at how they work with their customers. Do they come in, do an inspection, give a quote, and then spray or do they work with customers to create a plan for infestation control and aftercare? Will they be willing to work overnight or off business peak hours to help minimize lost business? Do they offer guarantees or customer protection programs? One of the work things is hiring someone to do a job, only to have them come back to do it again. 

Running a dream business can turn into a nightmare overnight with a cockroach infestation. If this happens, doing some quick research to discover us, the best roach control in NJ, can save time, money, and aggravation. Contact us at Alliance Pest Services today!

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