Tips To Keep The Bats In Monmouth County Away From Your Home

October 30, 2022

Outside of aliens, if you were to pick the two creatures most featured in horror movies, it would be bats and spiders. Why are bats a mainstay of horror or superhero movies? Is it because of their erratic flight pattern? Could the answer be that they are most active in the late evening? Perhaps it's the fact that they hang upside down in caves? Whatever the reason, bats are not a pest we want around our homes!

If you have fear and anxiety about bats flying overhead, you need the Monmouth County pest control team from Alliance Pest Services. Our dedicated team has been stopping bats and relieving homeowners' nervousness since 1983. You don't have to be looking up at night fearful of bats. 

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What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Bats make up almost one-quarter of the mammal population on the planet. Six species of bats in New Jersey live in the state full-time, and three are here part of the year. Resident bats are more likely to live in structures than the occasional bats. 

Of the bats in our state, an encounter with bats in Monmouth County is likely to be from the big brown and little brown bats. In the summer months, both bat species enjoy roosting in structures. While the other bat species tend to hibernate in caves during the winter, the big brown bats will hibernate in facilities. The following parts of a house appeal to these bats:

  • Chimneys
  • Roof eaves
  • Attics
  • Wall voids

These locations provide bats with consistent temperatures and protection from the elements and predators like raccoons, birds, fish, and bullfrogs. The areas also supply dark and quiet places to rest during the day and a safe place for bats to raise their young. 

A high density of trees may be another reason you may have bats on your Monmouth County property. The other bat species in New Jersey prefer to roost in trees during the summer. Except for the big brown bat, most bats in our area will hibernate in caves during the winter. 

Because bats are insectivorous, a large insect population on your property will attract bats. For example, the little brown bats can eat four to eight grams of insects a night. Bats eat mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and other types of insects. If you wonder if the bats drink blood, you can put your mind at rest. Only three bat species consume blood, and they are only in Central and South America.

How To Deter The Bats In Monmouth County

The easiest way for bat control in Monmouth County is to keep the insect population on your property low and controlled. To discourage insects from infesting your property, remove anything that collects water, provide drainage to ditches, replace outdoor lights with bug lights, and keep outdoor garbage cans sealed. 

Seven Simple Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Do the following for bat control on your property:

  1. Remove dead trees.
  2. Eliminate wood and rock piles.
  3. Cap chimneys.
  4. Seal attic openings.
  5. Trim trees.
  6. Remove roosting locations.
  7. Call in a professional.

Partnering with a company that provides pest control for bats near you is a big part of keeping bats away from your home. 

Professional Bat Removal in Monmouth County

Alliance Pest Services provides bat control near you. We will inspect your property to discover where the bats enter your house. Next, we will set up one-way bat cones that allow bats to leave the premises but not back into it. We will seal entry points. In addition to our exclusion services, we offer an attic disinfecting service to remove bat droppings. Contact us today and request a free quote. 

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