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April 29, 2014

They’ve been around since the dinosaurs, but you won’t find them cheered on in movies, children’s books, or television shows; in fact, most people want them extinct. That is easier said than done when it comes to termites. These tiny pests are resilient; some colonies can be 300 feet long and have more than two million termites; all of which work around the clock. They multiply by the thousands; their queen lays 20 to 30 thousand eggs a day. Therefore, termite control is needed the moment these invaders are spotted or better yet, preventive measures in place preventing your wallet from being chomped on.

termite biting wood

When a species has been around for millions of years it learns a few things. It is estimated there are more than three thousand types of these six-legged destroyers, some with wings they shed after they find a good area to ravage. They are social insects, which means they divide the work. Some are sent out to find new food sources, while others will harvest, another section of this massive workforce is tasked with storing the food. That “food” may very well be your home, as it’s estimated more than half a million homes are treated for termite infestations a year, resulting in billions of dollars in property damage. Parenting is a team task as well with a group of reproducers, while the termite society raises the young. It’s a well-organized, machine that takes an equally systematic and structured force to achieve termite control.

Alliance Pest Services has all the weapons combined with more than 30 years of experience to wage war against this infestation. The ultimate termite control is to never have to fight with the swarm of hungry beasts. The proactive approach is available through Alliance Pest Services. The termite safeguard plan offers guaranteed protection, and peace of mind. The biggest problem with these “social insects” is they won’t knock on the door and ask to come in for dinner. They could be chewing away behind walls, eating under floorboards, and building nests in your basement without you knowing until your saving are chewed through with costly repairs. Monitoring, baiting, liquid barrier soil treatments, and direct wood treatments are ways Alliance Pest Services attain termite control. By setting up stations to gauge if your property is the next target, Alliance Pest Service can respond quickly and aggressively ensuring a colony never has a chance to move into your home. They also have a liquid barrier treatment that flows into the soil around and underneath your home keeping the pests away.

However, if these hungry critters have already infiltrated your home, Alliance Pest Services can help you win your home back, with similar strategies. The work is guaranteed, not only will these colonies be destroyed, Alliance Pest Services systems ensure they won’t be coming back. That is the best kind of termite control. Maybe termites will be extinct after all, but don’t expect to see them immortalized on the big screen.

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