Rodent Control In and Around Your Home

November 3, 2014

Homeowners have a variety of issues to worry about on a regular basis. One of their main responsibilities is to keep their home free from rodents. Once mice, rats and other assorted vermin make their presence felt, it can be exceedingly difficult to get rid of them. Unless they remain vigilant about exterminating these rodent populations before they have a chance to reproduce, these pests will make a lasting home within yours.

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Even if you've only seen one mouse or rat, this typically means that there are plenty more where that one came from. Assuming that you only have one mouse is much like assuming that you only have one roach, a very foolhardy decision. The presence of one rodent usually signals the arrival of a family.

Locating rodents once they've infested themselves in your home is a challenging endeavor, because of their ability to hide within the frame of the home itself. Rodents tend to find their home inside of walls, in basements or in attics. They will also chew through electrical wiring and can cause power outages by doing so.

While you may feel capable of ridding your home of these rodents on your own, professional intervention is needed in most cases. If a homeowner wishes to get rid of the rodents and ensure that they do not return, there are a wide variety of measures that can be taken.

First of all, take a long, hard look at your food storage techniques. If food in your home is not safely sealed inside of a jar or can, then it must be stored in your refrigerator. It can be nice to keep a bowl of candy, chips or nuts out in the open for residents and guests to munch on, but you know who else enjoys an unguarded snack? Rodents.

This even extends to foods that you keep on hand for your pets. A plastic bag is not enough to deter a rodent from helping themselves to your food, unless the containers are made of a solid material, these pests have no problem chewing through Ziploc bags or other plastics.

It is imperative that homeowners maintain their property and keep all holes sealed. Holes in the walls, cracks in the doorways, gaps in the baseboards, all of these are potential infestation risks. If you do not own your property, inform the owner or building superintendent about these issues as they arise. You could be saving them a great deal of money in the long run.

Even if the holes are seemingly too small for a rodent to enter through, it does not matter. A hole does not even need to be one inch wide for a mouse or rat to squeeze their way into your domicile. Some mice only need a quarter inch of space to make their presence felt, and rats only require a half inch.

Storing items on top of the refrigerator is common practice in many homes. It also creates a breeding ground for rodents. Underneath the kitchen and bathroom skin is another widely used area for storage that can cause rodent infestation. Remove everything from these areas and inspect them for signs of mice and rats.

Obvious as it may seem, the dirtier your home is, the more likely you are to have rodent related issues. This boils down to regular maintenance. If you do not sweep your floors, vacuum and shampoo carpets and keep the home clean, rodent life will find it much easier to flourish.

All it takes are a few errant crumbs or one unkempt area for rats and mice to find their way into your residence. Be sure to take your trash out on a regular basis, as well. Allowing old trash to linger for long periods of time is akin to having a neon sign glowing within your home, inviting rodents indoors.

Trash can lids should be tightly secured at all times and the area around your garbage should be swept and clean frequently. Another regular household practice that causes infestations? Hoarding. The more storage that takes place, the more spots rodents have to hide.

Having large amounts of paper, old clothing and cardboard boxes lying around is asking for rodents to show up. Rodents are not the only worry in scenarios like these, as several other pests could make their nests within your unwanted junk. If a homeowner does not keep their living area free of clutter, not only will rodents make their home inside, but they are also able to breed without disturbance.

These are just a few measures that a homeowner can take on a daily basis, without having to call in a professional. But, if these practices still lead to a rodent infestation, it is time to call in the experts. They have the experience that you will need to rid your home of vermin and keep it clear of pests.

All of the aforementioned tips are simply preparation for when a professional exterminator shows up. Several of them may refuse to even enter your home unless the proper precautions have been taken. Setting up traps to bait potential intruders is a start. If your traps aren't produced the desired effect, a professional exterminator can give you a tutorial on what you are doing wrong.

Whether you are renting or owning, maintaining a residence is a serious investment. Don't allow rodents to put a damper on your living situation. By remaining vigilant about rodent control, you increase the chances that your domicile can remain pest free.  Alliance Pest Services is a rodent control expert in the State of New Jersey.

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