Preventing The Over Wintering Pest

February 1, 2016

When winter starts to creep in, you will begin to find a couple of annoying pests in the home. Some of these begin to enter the home simply because they need a little warmth and won't cause you a problem, while others will cause a huge amount of annoyance and frustration. Nobody wants things like crickets, millipedes and earwigs in their room, especially just before they go to bed. It can be hugely unhygienic and often a little frightening. Rodents can be even worse to know how to cope with. 

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You may even find that insects are hiding in little cracks and nooks without you being aware of it, and this can be even worse, because they can begin to breed and spread their germs. Things like mice and cockroaches will start to spread their way through the home, and you may notice droppings. In some cases, you may even notice wires being gnawed at which can cost you a lot of money in repairs. Teeth marks are a sure sign that there is a problem, and this is only in the beginning in some cases.

Fortunately, there are certain things that you can do to prepare for this time of the year, which will prevent a lot of these insects entering the home, and in turn causing one of many frustrations. Most of the insects can be found in cracks and holes as well as in empty cupboards. You may notice one or two unwanted pests in the basement or in the attic.

The best way to prevent pests during the winter months:

  • Organize your cupboards and storage spaces, so that there is not a lot of clutter to deal with. In this way there won't be many hiding places for pests.
  • Seal holes and cracks, particularly in the doors and the windows where the bugs and spiders are most likely to want to creep in.
  • Cardboard boxes are known to attract a lot of pests. This is how many cockroaches are brought in from the outdoors. It is best to get rid of these.
  • Firewood should be left outside in a sheltered area. This is a sure sign and a welcoming area for any type of rodent or pest to nest in between the logs during these cold months.
  • Seal your food items and make sure that any item that has expired gets thrown away promptly.

Should you find that you have put all of these measures in place and you are still having to deal with a lot of problems, it is best to call in a professional service. They will know how to deal with this in the best way possible based on their experience level and training that they go thorough. 

It is best to deal with this in the fall because this is when the pests start to look for homes. Many people leave this too late, only to find that in winter they are left with a serious problem on their hands. Of course, they may not even notice this, until they start to do a spring clean and find the evidence. A good pest control company will have all the appropriate equipment that deals with these nasty pests, and this makes it so much easier.

When fall sets in, make sure that your doors are secured with screens, should you stay in areas which are more susceptible. Don't forget about the garage either because this is the perfect hiding place for a lot of pests. They will feel nice and cozy here. Once they are in here, they may even want to creep into your car, and it is never easy trying to get them out under the seat of your car, for example.

Think about moisture as well because this is a great way in which pests are attracted to a home. You may find that moisture will seep in if there is a lot of bushes around the house. You will benefit from cleaning up around the home and basically cutting down bushes like these. Make sure you also attend to any major and minor leaks around the home. This is not only going to help you in regards to pests, but you don't want to be sitting in the middle of winter without hot water. 

You may find squirrels and young mice cute to look at in the park, but these are rodents and, shouldn't be welcomed in the home. Besides the fact that they have sharp teeth and claws which can cause havoc on your cabling system, you will also find that this salmonella is also something that comes into the equation.

Squirrels, rats and mice have a habit of coming into the chimneys and other vents. Gutters will help provide a protection layers for your home. These may come at a cost, but you will be relieved because they will keep a lot of the moisture away and this is necessary when it comes to a lot of these pests.

You may think that your job is done, but it is necessary to check up on your work every so often during the winter months just to make sure that no annoying pest has broken through your structures. Look out for any teeth marks, droppings, or even if you hear scratching, you need to start looking around for a company who deals in this and who can take care of the situation in no time.

Alliance Pest Services offers free home pest inspections to help reduce any conductive conditions that may allow pest to develop or enter your home of office.  Call to today to learn about or pest control services.

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