How To Prevent Ants From Infesting Your Home?

August 12, 2019

Ants are not dangerous; they don’t sting, and they don’t transmit diseases, but they will hit your home in their numbers and that can be annoying. If you mistakenly spill some soda on your countertop, they are there, ready to feast on it. What will baffle you most is how a single ant that discovers the spilt soda notifies others about the feast. Within a few minutes a colony of ants is already on your countertop.

When you kill them, it does not end the infestation. When something similar happens again, they will be back even sooner. That is exactly what makes them pesky. When this happens to you, it means you already have a colony of ants living large in your home. You need to exterminate them. But before then, let’s talk about what attracts them to homes.

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Why Do Ants Invade Homes?

Ants invade homes for only one reason – in search of food. They are always in search of food and wherever they see food, they will quickly alert other members of their colony to come and assist them to take some of the food back to their nest where other members of the colony are. In other words, food is what attracts them to homes.

What Exactly Attracts Them?

Food crumbs, sugar, and uncovered food attract them to different homes. If you are in the habit of leaving food crumbs on the carpet or on your countertops, be ready to host them because they will find their way. It’s only a matter of time.

Sugar, sugary foods, and sugary drinks also attract them. In fact, sugar attracts them faster than food crumbs. Uncovered food is another attraction for ants. Therefore, you should never leave left over food open. Keep them in airtight containers or zip-top bags. Whenever you or anyone spills drinks, get it cleaned immediately. Cultivate the habit of vacuuming your apartment regularly.

Food crumbs, uncovered foods, and more are all very common causes of ant invasions. Unfortunately, most people do not remember to cover their dog food. In fact, when they offer food to their pet, they usually don’t wait to see if the it will eat the food immediately or not.

So, pet food is another cause of ant invasion. When their nest is somewhere around your house, they will eventually find their way into your house except if there is no opening. This is the reason; you should seal off all the openings in your home.

Carpenter ants are the most destructive ants. They come into your home to eat all your wooden furniture. They also eat the frame of your house without sparing the insulation. In addition, they burrow into woods making them hollow and weak. However, their hideout is easy to spot. Just look for anywhere you can find wood shavings. That is probably where they have been operating.

How To Prevent Ant Invasions

As a rule of the thumb, always keep your apartment clean all the time. That is the best way to keep ants at bay. Ensure all food crumbs are swept away immediately. Whenever any drink is accidentally spilt, you should get it cleaned by dipping a piece of cloth in a mild soapy water and wiping the spot clean with the cloth.

Ensure your dustbin is well covered and empty it often. Even the one you have outside should be properly closed too. Your food should always be kept in airtight containers. Vacuum your carpet and other areas of your house regularly. Finally, seal off all openings through which ants can invade your home.

How To Exterminate Them

If you eventually find them in your home, here are some tips to exterminate them.

Place A Toxic Bait Where You Have Seen Them

Make a poisoned bait and place it in areas you spotted them. Give them some time to come for the bait. Initially, they will increase the number. It is a good sign. More ants will come and help to take the food back to their nest where they will all share it and die. Therefore, you need something that will kill them after a couple of hours not immediately.

Whenever you see them moving the bait, don’t kill them. Don’t spoil the fun. They are making your job easier. They are taking the bait to where more ants will have access to it.

Wipe Out Their Trails

Wherever they go, ants usually leave scented trails for others to follow. So even if you kill them, others will still follow the trails. Hence, it is important to erase their trails after killing them. To do that, mix vinegar with some water, making water triple the quantity of the vinegar. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray it on the trails and everywhere you have seen them. It will wipe off the scent.

Treat Your Lawn

They could be hiding in your lawn. Mow your lawn and treat it with any effective insecticide that is not harmful to humans. Spray it in the afternoon or in the morning because this is when ants are usually very active.

Trim The Trees Around Your House

You may also trim the trees around your house as their nest could be there too. If there is any tree whose branches are resting on your roof, cut of the branches because they could serve as bridges for ants to gain access to your house. Most importantly, search around for their nests and destroy them.

In conclusion, always remember that ants are always in search of food. Keep your food in sealed containers. Clean off food crumbs and spilt drink and vacuum your home regularly. Most importantly, block all openings around your home.

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