Getting Ready for Fall with Pest Proofing

October 16, 2017

It may be a relief that Summer is over in a way. You got rid of the pests that come with this season. However, you will now have to be aware of the pests that are associated with the cooler months of the year. Some of these pests can be difficult to get rid of. However, when you are prepared, the chances are that you can avoid these problems.

Raking a yard filled with leaves in the fall

Types of pests to expect over fall

There are certain types of bugs you will find that are specific to this season. There are less flies and stinging instincts, but the crawling insects are looking for warmth. In saying that, there are a couple of stinging insects that are no longer active during this time. For example, bees will need to find a sheltered spot where they can stay during this time. The attic is a common place to find such pests. Ants can build large nests in the attic or in the garage.

Rodents are also looking for a warm environment during this time of the year. Rats and mice cause many frustrations for homeowners for the pure fact that they are so difficult to track down. They can get in through slits in the walls or cracks in the windows. They are unhygienic because they will stroll around your kitchen leaving bacteria behind them.

Cockroaches can be a problem when you have some moisture underneath the home. They can even come up through the drain. An infestation can occur very quickly, and this is tough to deal with.

How to prevent pests from entering the home

It is necessary to inspect the home before fall sets in. In some parts of the country, snow will settle in quickly, so you need to begin with this procedure in the late summer. You will have to inspect both the exterior of the home as well as inside. Don’t forget about the basement, the attic and the porch. These are some of the favorite spots for pests to gather in. Make sure that there are no cracks for rodents to squeeze through. There are sealants available which is easy to patch up these areas. Most people will use caulk as this is most effective.

Your plants in the garden will need to be cut back. Any overgrowth will attract rodents. Not only will this a place which creates heat, but there are a few things to nibble on. It especially applies to the gardener who has a compost heap. This needs to be inspected from time to time. Make sure that you cut the grass outside. During this time of the year, many leaves will be dropping off. Make certain that you rake these up.

A lot of smaller pests, such as bugs will find their way into the home via a plant which leans against the property. This is why the plants should be trimmed neatly with no branches hanging over. They also do a good job at hiding away in firewood. This is especially common when the firewood has been delivered from somewhere else. When you take this out of the garage into your home, you will begin to see a couple of unwanted bugs creep into the home. Keep the wood in a dry place. It should be sheltered, and you need to make sure that it comes from a reliable source so it is not infested with ants and termites. Firewood shouldn’t be placed right next to the home because this is inviting to many pests. Once they start to multiply and find a gap into the home, you will find that it is more difficult to deal with the control the pest.

When you have an older home, you will probably have a lot more to deal with. For example, wooden floors can have the odd gap in between the boards. You also have to take into consideration that rodents have powerful teeth and can attempt to gnaw through wooden structures.

Make sure the home is dry and free from any moisture. Although pests need an environment which is warm, they are also attracted to an area which is moist. Without this, they are unlikely to survive. Rats and mice can swim up the pipes in the toilet. Cockroaches can get into the home through the drain. A common place which is sometimes neglected is the basement and the attic. Rodents can multiply here and before you know it you will have a big problem on your hands.

Although rats and mice or bugs don’t infest the home because it is dirty, you will find that if you keep the kitchen clean, you will have fewer problems. Don’t leave food out for your animals for longer than necessary. This is perfect for rodents, especially for mice because it is easy for them to chew. It can also be dangerous for your pet's health because of the bacteria that are left behind from the rodents.

At this time of the year, you will probably be getting ready for many festivals. As you are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas over winter, make sure that you are careful when handling your decorations. Cockroaches love to gather in boxes. Rodents can bury themselves in bales of straw. When you are carving out the pumpkin for Halloween, remember that leaving this out too long will also lead to future problems. It can attract rodents as well as flies.

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