Get Rid of Problem Bites with a Bed Bug Exterminator in Ocean County

April 29, 2014

“You’ve got bed bugs.” This is one phrase that sets peoples’ skin crawling.

 Bed bugs are tiny insects that invade your home and seemingly, your life. The stigma associated with these insects is huge; but unwarranted. Bed bugs can happen to anyone. If you suspect you have bed bugs, call Alliance Residential Pest Services, a bed bug exterminator in Ocean County can help. They offer guaranteed bed bug solutions to fit your budget and offer you peace of mind. Don’t let the bugs get you down.  

bed bug and larvae on a bed

 In order to recognize a bed bug, it’s helpful to know some details about them. Bed bugs are wingless, tiny, and oval-shaped. They are reddish-brown and nearly flat. Bed bugs feed off of human and animal hosts and are somewhat like mosquitoes in this respect. In terms of size, it varies depending on the lifecycle stage; however, they are no longer than a quarter of an inch. This, along with the fact that they are nocturnal, can make them very hard to spot. A bed bug exterminator for Ocean County will have a few tips for recognizing an infestation.

The three key signs of a bed bug infestation are as follows: itchy bite marks. Second, clusters of small black spots on your mattress seams, electrical outlets, baseboards, or headboard. Third, a neighbor in your condo or apartment has bed bugs, or a friend who has bed bugs has visited you. If you think you may have bed bugs, the best solution is to call Alliance’s bed bug exterminators for Ocean County. Besides offering free bed bug inspections, they help you determine the best treatment and course of action for your situation.

Once diagnosed, a bed bug exterminator in Ocean County can offer a variety of guaranteed bed bug solutions. Solutions vary depending upon the severity of the infestation and your budget, so no matter your situation you will be sure to find an ideal and effective treatment.

Bed bug exterminators in Ocean County offer two specialized treatment plans, which are based on infestation severity. The Bed Bug Pro plan is suggested for mild bed bug infestations--this program involves a specialized chemical treatment used in tandem with the Verifi Monitoring System. The Verifi Monitoring System is an innovative device that attracts and traps bed bugs. It’s a great method for long-term bed bug detection and can be concealed in any area where bed bugs can be found.

For moderate to severe bed bug infestations, Alliance’s bed bug exterminators in Ocean County offer the Peace of Mind Bed Bug Plan. This includes the specialized chemical treatment, the Verifi Monitoring System, and a heat solution. Using heat is considered a “green” treatment option and is very effective--it kills bed bugs in all lifecycle stages. Heat (135-145 degrees Fahrenheit) is blown into your rooms for several hours, penetrating cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. No bed bug stands a chance in your home with any of these treatment solutions! If you think you have a problem, contact a bed bug exterminator in Ocean County today: Alliance Residential Pest Services.  


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