Everyone Needs a Bed Bug Exterminator Monmouth County Service

April 29, 2014

Bed bugs have experienced a surge in population in recent years, and they are causing people chaos and moments of haywire in lives every day. While most people assume bed bugs are a pest of the past, but in truth, they have taken over beds everywhere across the United States and more. The bed bugs have never gone away. It is important that every person learns to identify the signs of their existence so that if an infestation takes place, they can do all that is possible to keep them from recurring.

three bed bugs on bed in monmouth county home

The most important step before you get them or if you have discovered that your home has them is to get a bed bugs exterminator Monmouth County professional. The area of Monmouth County has both rural and metropolitan where bed bugs can stake their claim, so it’s vital that you keep your eyes peeled for them, and have your property treated to keep them away. It’s important that if you see any clue of them, you get professional assistance immediately to move them out.

Bed bugs are tiny flattened bugs that cannot even be seen until they have almost reached their adult stage in life. They do feed on While it’s true that bed bugs are not picky when looking for a meal, not all humans have a reaction to the bite. The bite itself is painless, due to the anesthetic properties in the bug’s saliva. Some people have an itchy reaction at the bite site, while others may not. It’s for this reason some infestations can go unnoticed until it’s out of control. Another sign is to look for are small blood spots on your bedding. If you have even an inkling of a feeling that you may have them, you should get a bed bug exterminator in Monmouth County on the case right away. blood, but unlike their flea and tick cousins, they do not require regular feeding, and can endure life surviving for months between meals. Once they find a cozy home, they will feed every five to ten days, being much more active at night when the victims are still and unresponsive. Drawn to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale while sleeping, the carbon dioxide triggers the bed bug’s nighttime activity. A certified bed bug exterminator in Monmouth County will search all the prime spots where they can be living.

The biggest myth surrounding bed bugs is that they live in dirty and cluttered homes. The truth is bed bugs are superior hitchhikers and can move along with your things from one house to another or from the hotel on vacation back home in your luggage. It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural county, or a densely populated metropolitan area, any environment that houses a dark, shadowy area of crevices will play home to the tiny insects to hide during the day, and it is admitted that everyone can run the same risk of getting the unwanted houseguests. Clean, dirty, cluttered, or impeccable, the pests can make your home their home within moments and it won’t take long for them to nest in several places in your home causing many problems in the future. If you would like to speak to someone about having a bed bug exterminator in Monmouth County come to your property, let us know here at Alliance Pest Control.

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