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May 9, 2016

Having bats around your home is not only extremely frightening but can have terrible effects on your health if not addressed immediately. It is quite common to see bats in your attic if you leave in New Jersey, but it is also quite common that you may not have had the time or bravado to get rid of bats. Bats can give you and your household a lot of headache. Not to worry, you can get rid of bats if you live in New Jersey with the help of a couple bat removal companies... In this article, we would be providing reliable information about bats and tips to removing bats from your home.

bat flying on dark background with leaves

You can get the help of professionals to remove bats from your home if you do not want to do it yourself. Here are a few things you should know about bats:

  • Bats are commonly known for their habitation of dark and moldy environments, which is a common reason why you may find them in your attic and not anywhere else around the home.
  • Unlike most other household rodents, you cannot get rid of bats by simply putting poison around the house. Bats eat mostly insects, so the likelihood that they would eat poison that you keep around the house is quite little. Also, in some states in the United States it is illegal to poison bats. This is because they provide a great balance to the earth’s ecosystem.
  • When they are not occupying your home or attic, bats commonly like to live in caves. This gives them enough space to raise offspring. They prefer environments that are dark and spacious enough for them to stay in colonies. A bat colony can consist of up to twenty thousand bats.

What Are The Signs That You May Have Bats In Your Home?

Since bats like to seek the solitude and safety of dark environments, if they cannot find a cave they would find the next most suitable thing. In your home, the most similar place to a cave is your attic or chimney. Here are three common signs of bat infestation around your home:

Noticing bat activity around your home: Quite obvious, but entirely correct. The greatest sign to know if you have a bat infestation is by seeing a bat flying around the house. If you manage to spot a bat, you can be sure that there are many more wherever it came from. Bats usually do not exist in solitude.

Bat droppings: This is also known as Bat Guano, and is a common sign that there are bats around your home. Bat guano usually has a pungent odor so if you step into your attic and notice that the attic reeks of an awkward smell, you may likely have bats.

Corrosion of wood or drywall: Bats are not exactly destructive, but the accumulation of bat droppings can corrode wood or drywall. If you notice that the wood in the attic is unusually decayed, then you may have bats.

Hearing the bats: This is another good way to identify bat activity around your home. Bats make a specific sound and then there is the obvious flutter of wings. If you happen to hear the unusual fluttering of wings around your home when everywhere is silent, you may have bats. 

Other Common Hideouts For Bats

Apart from the attic, there are a host of other places where you could find bats in the house. These include your chimney and barrel tiles. Bats may also choose to reside in your garage if you do not use it often enough.

Health risks of having bats around the house (Reasons why you must remove bats)

A lot of homes in New Jersey are inhabited by bats and there is a number of health risks involved in having bats around. They include:

Bat Guano disease: Bats shed hair often and the mold that grows on the hair can be a trigger for allergies or bat Guano in humans. The mold can trigger Histoplasmosis, which is an infection of the lungs that happens in rare case. Bats may also carry fleas and ticks which can be another pest problem around your home.

Rabies: Apart from dogs, bats are also capable of carrying rabies. One percent of bats carry rabies. This may seem like a little figure, but a single scratch from an infected bat can cause this life threatening disease.

Note: You must never try to handle bats around your home unless you are a professional in bat removal.

Getting Rid Of Bats

This is what most homeowners would like to know. Getting rid of bats does not require hard work, but smart work. Here are a couple of tips for bat removal in New Jersey.

  • Identify the entry and exit points the bats utilize and make sure not to seal this access points while bats are still inside.
  • You must be careful not to allow bats die in your attic because they release a horrible odor while decomposing. Chase bats out and seal off every access point they may have to enter the house again.
    You must also make use of protective gear when sealing off entry points so that you do not run the risk of getting bitten or scratched.
  • Once you have managed to chase away the bats, you are in for the next annoying step, cleaning up the Bat Guano. This can be a lot of work. There may still be an odor after you have cleaned up, so be sure to make sure of enzyme cleaner.

Getting rid of bats can be quite tasking. If you are not exactly a DIY kind of person, contact a bat removal company. Bat removal in New Jersey is not expensive. Take control of your bat problem today.

If you think you are having a bat problem, call Alliance Pest Services today for complete bat removal services and cleanup in New Jersey.

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