A Closer Look At Common Wildlife Problems Around Homes & Buildings

October 9, 2018

When residents of Monmouth County are looking to keep their properties safe, they need to remain aware of the most common wildlife problems that are going to take place. Many of these concerns arise when they are least expected. This forces Monmouth County residents to scramble in search of solutions.

Fortunately, this helpful guide is here to provide locals with the tools that they need to remain cognizant of the threats that they are going to be experiencing. There are some wildlife issues that are more commonplace than others. Thanks to the following guide, home and business owners in the Monmouth County region will be able to avoid these issues in the future.

an opossum walking in a driveway

Overly Aggressive Animals

Animals do not make their way into a home or business because they wish to become aggressive towards the people or employees who happen to be present. They typically have a reason for doing so and understanding this reasoning is key when it comes to keeping a Monmouth County home or business protected from these sorts of unwanted intruders.

The animal is either under the belief that the property belongs to them or they are looking for a place to spend the winter. As any Monmouth County resident can tell you, this is an understandable impulse. It is best to contact the professionals in these scenarios because there is a strong chance that the animal may be rabid and ready to attack at a moment's notice.

Those who have a porch, or a deck would do well to pay close attention to these areas. Infestations often take place in these areas, and they can occur before we have even had a chance to do anything about them. Garbage and other forms of waste should also be disposed of promptly and kept as far away from the residence as possible to deter these unwanted intruders.


Bats are slippery creatures who have a way of flapping into residences and businesses where they are not wanted whatsoever. These animals are particularly annoying because they are typically not looking to cause harm.... yet they still can because they are unable to see indoors as easily as you or I. They are also easy to frighten and react to the loud shrieks that take place when they are seen.

The bats that are truly dangerous are not the ones that can be seen. The bats that have found a way to quietly roost inside of the home are far more troublesome. Their fur and droppings can cause diseases to take place in humans, and that is why homes and businesses always need to remain safeguarded.

Cracks and crevices in the flooring need to be examined by professionals frequently. Even if there are no noticeable signs of a bat infestation, one may still be taking place. They roost in a wide range of areas inside of any home or business. Contacting the professionals is always in your best interests in these instances because they can remove the bats quickly and safely.

Garbage Dwellers

For those who need to store their garbage cans outdoors, these menaces can cause more problems than we can deal with. It is hard to endure these dive bombers. Once these animals have decided that they are going to live in our trash bins, removing them becomes very difficult. This wildlife is not necessarily looking to harm us either.

All they want is a safe place to stay and something to eat. These goals are admirable enough, but they exist in direct contrast to the objectives that are created by Monmouth County home and business owners. The raccoons and possums that tend to make themselves known in these situations are merely after your food and shelter....and little else.

Professional assistance can be utilized in these scenarios, but we can also take certain precautions. Leaving old foodstuffs in an outdoor bin where any animal can easily smell them is a foolhardy decision. Keep these items away from the prying noses of local wildlife as much as possible. Otherwise, garbage critters will become a regular problem.

Mice & Rats

This is arguably the most common wildlife problem that takes place around homes and buildings in the Monmouth County region. No matter how hard we try to keep our homes and business clean, rats and mice still have a way of finding themselves in areas where they should not be. This is a major issue for any home or business owner, and it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The last thing that anyone wants in a situation like this is for the situation to have a chance to worsen. While some might claim to have never had a rat or a mouse inside of their home or business, this is the type of lie that is often told by those who do not understand just how common the problem is. They are sneaky creatures who know exactly what they are doing, and they are hard to stop.

Professional technicians can provide us with the assistance that we need in this regard. They can direct us to the areas that are being compromised so that we can remain as vigilant and proactive as possible. We must seal off any possible path of entry and make sure that we are not creating an environment that would be considered hospitable to these sorts of unwanted guests.

Let Alliance Pest Services keep your home or business safe from unwanted wildlife as the weather gets colder and wildlife looks to move to warmer environments, aka your HOME or OFFICE! Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control offerings.

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