Bird NettingThe best method for excluding all pest birds from problem areas is to install bird exclusion netting. Bird netting is made from various materials and comes in assorted colors. Large open areas can be enclosed off with netting to exclude ALL bird species from gaining entry to the areas they previously landed, roosted or nested thereon. Bird netting is the best solution to completely remove and remedy all pest bird species.

The Pros and Cons of Bird Exclusion Netting

Although bird netting is the best bird control method for excluding all bird species, depending upon how complicated the installation is, netting can be expensive and difficult to install. The critical factor that needs to be determined is whether birds have nested in the problem area(s)? If birds have nested, the only real solutions to solve your bird problem are bird netting or another structural/building modification. Otherwise, in most cases, if a deterrent based method is utilized, the birds will remain a problem despite the deterrent based method selected.

Best Type of Structures to Install Bird Netting

Best areas to install bird exclusion netting are the following: open ceiling areas of loading docks, parking garages, roof tops, HVAC units, entire building facades, signage, transportation terminals, balconies, store front awnings and canopies, open trash compactor rooms, between open building courtyards and more.

Bird Exclusion Netting Options

The base hardware that bird netting attaches to can be either stainless steel or galvanized steel hardware. Depending upon the location, i.e. near salt water or cost, would be the determining factors in selecting the type of hardware to be utilized for the bird control installation. Access zippers can be added to allow for entry above the netting. Black is the main color for bird netting, but netting is also available in stone/tan colors as well. Finally, the size of the bird netting must be determined. Smaller bird netting mesh size, ¾” is used to exclude smaller birds like sparrows or starlings. Larger bird netting mesh, 2” is used for larger birds such as pigeons and sea gulls.

Target Bird Species

Effective exclusion for all bird species: Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, and Sea Gulls

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