Bird WireBird wire is a bird deterrent option to deter birds from landing on leading ledges and surfaces. As birds attempt to land on the ledge, the bird will see the wire and be fearful that it will not be able to close its wings and will be deterred from landing on the treated ledges. Bird wire can be utilized on a variety of structures and areas. Bird wire is a great bird deterrent option to deter larger birds from ledges, roof ridges, pipes and railings. Bird wire is also a great option for low visual impact sites such as historic buildings and structures.

The Pros and Cons of Bird Wire

The main pro of a bird wire system is to deter birds from being able to land on a ledge or flat surface area. Birds will see the wire and don’t want to risk their wings getting caught up in the wire, thus deterring the birds from landing on the treated areas. The main con of a bird wire system is that it is only effective for deterring larger birds such as pigeons and sea gulls.

Best Type of Structures to Install Bird Wire

Best areas to install a bird wire system are the following: roof top ridges, signage, knee walls, parapet walls, historic buildings and structures, open roof tops, marinas, balcony railings, pipes, and any place that creates a ledge-based area for the birds to land on. Note that depending upon the ledge depth multiple rows of bird tension wire may be required.

Bird Wire Options

A bird wire system involves a mounting base and a metal post that a monofilament wire is attached between. The bases are available in either stainless steel of plastic. The posts are available in stainless steel and at varying heights. Bird tension wire applications are also available for railings, large pipes peaked roof ridges and Spanish tile roofs. For these applications, special brackets that have the posts mounted on top are available.

Note that for larger open areas such as roof tops, bodies of water and solar arrays that a bird wire grid system can also be used to deter sea gulls and geese from landing on these areas. The larger grid wire systems act the same way as the ledge-based wire systems in that the birds can see the wire from above and don’t want to take the chance of landing on that area and getting wings caught on the wire. The birds are then deterred from landing on the treated areas. For these applications, most of the hardware is custom fabricated to the specific site requirements of the project.

Target Bird Species

Effective deterrent,/ for the following bird species: Sea Gulls, and Canada Geese