Bird SpikesBird spikes are a bird landing deterrent product. The bird spikes have a base that has long thin metal rods that protrude upwards. As birds attempt to land on a leading edge of a ledge, the bird is unable to close its wings and is deterred from landing on the areas that have bird spikes installed. Bird spikes are available in stainless steel or polycarbonate plastic or a combination thereof. Birds spikes are a great bird control option for moderate bird problems for larger bird species.

The Pros and Cons of Bird Deterrent Spikes

The main benefit of using bird spikes verse other bird control solutions is that (in most cases), bird spikes are easy to install and aren’t that costly. Bird spikes can be color matched to blend into the building façade to reduce the overall visual impact. The main con of installing bird spikes is that they should only be selected when the goal is to deter larger pest birds such as pigeons or sea gulls. Thus, bird spikes are not effective for deterring smaller birds. They should NEVER be used when trying to deter smaller birds such as sparrows. If bird spikes are installed for a sparrow problem, the sparrows will utilize the bird spike rods to pack their nesting materials within and nest within the spikes/rods. I can’t stress this enough!

Best Type of Structures to Install Bird Spikes (Large Birds Only)

Best areas to install bird spikes are the following: parking garage ledges, roof tops, HVAC units, HVAC duct work, entire building facades, signage, knee walls, parapet walls, pipes, street or other lighting fixtures, marinas, dock pilings, balconies, store front awnings and any place that creates a ledge-based area for the birds to land on. Note that may need multiple rows of bird spikes depending upon the ledge depth.

Bird Spike Options

Bird spikes are available in many different options, stainless steel, polycarbonate, or a combination of stainless steel and polycarbonate. Bird spikes can be painted, or powder coated (stainless steel bird spikes). Bird spikes can be installed with adhesive, screwed or fastened in place. Bird spikes can be contoured and bent to be adhered to curved areas and various surface types. Note that depending upon the ledge depth, multiple rows of bird spikes may be required to adequately provide proper ledge coverage.

Target Bird Species

Effective deterrent for following bird species: Pigeons, Sea Gulls, and Turkey Vultures.

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