After Shock Strip ApplicationAn electrified shock track system is a bird deterrent option to deter birds from landing on knee walls, parapet ledges and façade signage. Like other types of bird deterrent solutions for ledges, as birds’ land on the ledge and walk across the shock track, when both feet contact the track, the bird will receive a mild shock that will deter it from landing on the ledge. The shock will condition the bird not to land on areas that have the track installed. One of the benefits of the shock track is that it is low profile and virtually unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

The Pros and Cons of Electrified Shock Track Systems

The main benefit of an electrified track system is its low-profile nature. If you are concerned about the visual impact that the bird control solution will have on your building, shock tract is the best choice. Bird shock track can be effective for various pest bird species but is primarily used to deter pigeons, sea gulls and turkey vultures. Another excellent feature of this bird control system is the ability to jump off the existing shock track and add additional sections of track if needed. The main downside of an electrified system is that the application involves wiring all the tracks, which depending upon how complicated the system is can be difficult to trouble shoot in the event the system becomes inoperable.

Best Type of Structures to Install Electrified Shock Track

Best areas to install electrified shock track system are the following: parking garage ledges, roof top ridges, façade signage, knee walls, parapet walls, and any place that creates a ledge-based area for the birds to land on. Note that may need multiple rows of track depending upon the ledge depth.

Electrified Shock Track Options

The shock track system is made from a flexible rubber-based material that has thin metal strips along the top of the track that carry a mild current throughout the system. The power source can be either solar or 110v based. The track comes in black and stone colors. The track is adhered down to surface area with a silicon adhesive and has several types of connectors to join sections of track, corners and jumpers for additional sections of track.

Target Bird Species

Effective deterrent for the following bird species: Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, Sea Gulls, and Turkey Vultures