Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Alliance Pest Services utilizes various methods is remedying your Bed Bug problems because Bed Bugs are not a one size fits all type of pest. Each Bed Bug problem is unique and various factors have to be considered in developing a tailored solution. Factors such as: how severe is the Bed Bug infestation, type of structure (home, condo or apartment), amount of clutter, cost and the amount of time you want the problem resolved. Only after all of these factors are considered, can a proper Beg Bug plan be developed that will eliminate your Bed Bugs and meet your expectations.

One of the methods that we use to eliminate Bed Bugs is our Heat Treatment services. Before we explain why heat is an effective method of eliminating Bed Bugs, let’s first look at what are Bed Bugs?

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are a small thin insect that can hide in very small places.  They feed on blood from humans and other animals.  Because they feed on blood that makes them parasitic in nature.  Because Bed Bugs prefer the dark, this is an ideal time for them to feed on humans while we sleep.  Just a few Bed Bugs can turn into a severe problems in a short amount of time. 

How do Bed Bugs enter our Homes?

Bed Bugs can be transported into our homes and apartments at any time and just about from any place.  Visiting public places, if we buy used furniture, luggage, traveling and even from going to the movies.  Bed Bugs like to hitch rides to find food sources to feed on.  Once they get in, there are not that easy to get out.   

Heat, Heat, Heat…

Heat is one of the methods that we use to eliminate Bed Bugs. What makes the heat treatment so effective is that the heat penetrates wall cavities, cracks, crevices and other areas where access is difficult. The heat temperature is raised slowly so that there is not any damage to rooms’ contents. By raising the interior temperature evenly throughout the home (treatment areas) and maintaining desired level of heat, Alliance is able to eliminate ALL Bed Bug growth stages, including the eggs!

The temperature inside the room that has Bed Bugs is raised to 135º F degrees. The heat is blown into rooms for several hours. The temperatures around cracks, crevices and other possible points where the heat could escape are monitored throughout the process to ensure a consistent level of heat. Once the thermal heating point is reached in all areas, the heat treatment will continue and be maintained for several hours.

Heat Treatment Benefits

  • Heat penetrates all crack and crevices (treatment areas).
  • Performed alone, is a Green non-toxic approach to eliminating Bed Bugs.
  • Elimination of ALL Bed Bug growth stages, including the eggs.
  • Residents don’t have to remove or bag all of their belongings
  • Kills Bed Bugs (All Stages) where they live and hide!

Bed Bug Heat Index Elimination Chart

bed bug heat chart

Alliance Heat Treatments Service is a superior way to eliminate any Bed Bug infestation. Call us today for a free Bed Bug inspection.