BatBats can find their way into your commercial buildings (office buildings, warehouses, professional offices, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, stores (including big box retail chains), industrial sites/buildings and government buildings) at any time.

Because every commercial building/property is unique, special care and consideration is given in developing the best bat management program that will resolve your specific bat problem, as well be cost effective.  In addition, the removal of the bats will be fast and efficient so that there is little to no impact to your business’s operations and staff.

If you think your school or commercial building may have a bat problem call Alliance immediately at: 1-800-698-4530.

Signs that you may have a Bat problem in your New Jersey commercial property:

  • When bats fly in and out of an entry hole, they can leave a stain around the opening that is white/tan in coloring;
  • Bat urine over time can crystallize and leave a brown/golden tan coloring;
  • Bat guano on the ground below. Looks like rodent droppings in larger quantity; or
  • In the evening at dusk, bats will typically fly out of openings seeking food and water.

When bats enter buildings or structures, they are looking for a safe place to roost in the day time. In the State of New Jersey, there are 6 bat species commonly found (Big Brown Bat, Little Brown Bat, Eastern Small-Footed Bat, Northern Long-Eared Bat, Indiana Bat and Eastern Pipistrelle Bat). No matter what the species, you don't want them in your building disturbing your staff and affecting your business operations.

In most cases, bats will typically emerge in the spring and tend to leave overwintering roosting sites for summer sites. Females are the first to establish nesting areas to get ready to give birth to new off spring. Baby bats are typically born during the months of June and July. The bats will remain in the main roost until the fall when it's time to overwinter. 

If you currently are seeing bats or think you may have a bat problem, call Alliance today for a free site evaluation. Don't let a little problem today develop into a much bigger problem tomorrow. The longer a bat problem is left unattended; the cost can grow over time. 

Call Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc. today at 888-904-7507 for all of your bat problems or request a free site evaluation online. 888-904-7507.