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Have Bats Gotten Into Your Monmouth County Home?

Most people would admit that the idea of bats flying around their home is not one they like to think about. Unfortunately, though, it’s a reality for many Monmouth County homeowners. Although bats have gotten a reputation that isn't entirely earned, they can be destructive when they get into your house, and their droppings can cause serious health problems. If they get inside your living space or attic, you must do something.

bat on side of house

Our Bat Control Process

Doing something about bats is more easily said than done. As a protected species, it is illegal to harm bats in any way, and there are specific times of the year when exclusion work is allowable. If you have bats in your house, you need the help of the trained professionals at Alliance Pest Services.


tech inspecting vent
We’ll begin with a site survey and evaluation that takes between 45 and 90 minutes to complete. We’ll document how the home is built and where the bats are finding access points. We’ll also take pictures so we can show you what we’ll be doing and why we’ll be doing it.

Treatment & Exclusion

brown bat on wood
We will set up bat cones, which are one-way doors, as well as a secondary area that the bats aren’t currently using. These cones allow the bats to leave your house but stop them from getting back inside. We’ll return in seven to ten days to remove the bat cones.

Our bat exclusion services are available seasonally from August 1st through October 15th. We will seal up the entry points that the bats were using to get inside with a combination of materials such as steel wool, expandable foam, and aluminum foil. We can also repair soffits and replace gable vents. Specialized technicians with the proper training and experience perform our exclusion services.


bats in the attic
We also offer an attic disinfecting service if droppings were left behind by the bats in your house. These droppings can cause histoplasmosis, which is a serious fungal infection. We’ll perform this service once all bats are out of your home, and we do it with a HEPA vacuum to protect the air quality in your home.

Warrantied Bat Control To Protect Your Monmouth County Home

If bats get into your house, you need the help of professionals trained in bat removal and exclusion who understand the laws regarding bats. Alliance Pest Services provides these services. Our bat services typically include a two-year warranty. To learn more about these services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


Is your property overrun with bats? We can help!

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