Are mice nocturnal? Do mice climb walls? Do mice make noise? When you've got a mouse infestation in your Monmouth County home, there's no shortage of questions to ask.

Here's what Monmouth County homeowners should know about where mice like to hide inside homes, why traps don't work very well, the best way to keep mice away with pest control in Monmouth County, and how to naturally prevent house mice.

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Where Do Mice Like To Hide Inside Homes?

One reason why mouse infestations tend to go unnoticed for long periods of time is that these critters are great at playing hide and seek. Mice are excellent at finding hiding places that are difficult to see, but still close enough to food sources. Some of the most common places where they like to hide include:

  • Cluttered rooms

  • Pantries

  • Attics

  • Wall voids

Pantries are especially popular for mice because they offer such close access to a food source. To make sure they're not visible to people, mice may hide behind or under appliances, under kitchen cabinets, or in the back of cabinets where there's not a lot of traffic. Cluttered rooms, especially cluttered basements and garages, are common places for mice because there's not much human activity or traffic. If you happen to store food in these cluttered spaces, mice are even more likely to settle in there.

Wall voids may not seem like an ideal place for mice, but they offer excellent cover from humans. Mice will nest, and they can use wall insulation or other materials to build their nests in walls to remain hidden while still having easy access to the food in. your kitchen. Mice are also nocturnal, so they may only emerge from their hiding spots once the lights are out and everyone's made it to bed.

These Traps Aren't Working!

Perhaps the most commonly known type of mouse control, mouse traps may seem like an easy solution for getting rid of these pests, but they aren't as effective as they may seem. There are several reasons why mouse traps may not work, such as:

  • If you're handling the bait with your bare hands, a mouse's sensitive nose may be able to smell you on the food and decide to steer clear.

  • If you don't place the traps in the right places, they won't catch mice. Traps need to be placed in high-frequency areas where mice are likely to pass and never out in the open.

  • You may also be using ineffective bait that just isn't drawing the interest of mice in your home.

  • You may also be putting too much bait in the trap, which allows mice to grab some of the bait without triggering the trap.

Even with trying to fix some of the issues above, using traps as the only form of mouse control is rarely effective to eliminate a mouse infestation. While traps catch some mice, they are unlikely to catch them all.

The Best Way To Keep The Mice Away

Mousetraps, as well as other over-the-counter solutions for rodent control, may not be able to keep mice away, but there is one form of mouse control that can, and that's working with Alliance Pest Services. Not only do we have more than thirty-five years of experience working in the pest control industry, but we can also provide the personal care and customer service that come with using a locally-owned business.

If you see signs of mice in your home, there's only one way to get rid of them and keep them away. Contact us today at Alliance Pest Services to learn more about how our mouse control services can help you or schedule an appointment for your home.

Natural Prevention Tips For House Mice In Monmouth County

While the best thing to get rid of mice in Monmouth County is using a professional pest control service, there are ways to naturally prevent these critters, such as:

  • Do not leave food sitting out in the open for long periods of time, and keep any food products stored in appropriate containers or packaging.

  • Do not let garbage or trash cans overflow, and make sure you're using tight lids on both indoor and outdoor trash.

  • Don't let dirty dishes pile up in the sink, and try to wash dishes within the same night you dirty them.

  • Use mouse-proof materials, like steel wool or caulk, to get rid of open gaps, cracks, or crevices that mice may be able to use to get inside your home.

Along with the tips above, working with Alliance Pest Services can ensure your home stays completely mouse-free. 


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