Removing Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects can be very frightening when they are hovering around you.  The very presence of Stinging Insects makes people feel threatened. Although hard to believe at times, bees and wasps are not as frequent as one would think.  They rarely sting and when they do, they have been disturbed in some manner.  That being said, getting stung can cause some discomfort and a bit painful, and can even turn fatal for those few people that are highly allergic.

There are several varieties of species of Stinging Insects that can be found around your home. Some species are more common than others in New Jersey:

Bald Faced Hornets
Bumble Bees
Carpenter Bees
Cicada Killers
Mud Dabers
Paper Wasps
Yellow Jackets

If you are starting to see bees or wasps emerge and hover around your home, Call Alliance to have your home inspected for seasonal bee and wasp activity starting to develop.  It is better to address this problem at the early stages before someone gets stung.