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Some Information about Little Brown Bats What little brown bats look like is they have a dark color, almost black on their backs and upper half of their bodies. They have small ears, their weight isn't very heavy. They are estimated at no more than half ounces which is pretty light. The little brown bats are able to live up to seven years. The things that eat them and they have to watch out for are birds and snakes. Young bats if they fall to the ground are caught by these predators. The way they've been dying off lately is purely...
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The Cockroach One of the most common of indoor pests is the cockroach.  There are several different species of cockroaches, including the American Cockroach (Periplaneta Americana), the Brown-Banded cockroach (Supella Longipalpa), the German cockroach (Blattella Germanica), and the Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis). Cockroaches have been known to reach lengths of over 50 cm, with those found in tropical climates tending to be the largest.  Most adults are variations of a tan or light brown color, while the young are darker, often appearing almost black.  Cockroaches are all equipped with two antennae and six legs, while some also have wings.  Male and...
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How Bad Ticks & Lyme Disease Are Going To Be This Season First of all, what is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease, starting with a rash, and then moving on to headaches, fevers and chills. Lyme disease can also be followed by arthritis and even neurological issues and cardiac disorders. All of this is caused by ticks and be a horrid disease to be diagnosed with. The name “Lyme” actually derives from the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme, located in Connecticut. This is where several cases of diseases had been identified during the year 1975. The Significance...
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Information About Mosquitoes Appearance and Behavior Belonging to the same group as flies (Diptera), mosquitoes have one pair of wings in addition to a prominent appendage protruding from their heads which used for feeding, and long, thin legs.  This prominent appendage is what separates mosquitoes from flies, and mosquitoes are usually larger on average.  Adult mosquitoes range in size from three to nine millimeters and have wings and bodies covered in miniature scales. Mosquito adults, both male and female, feed primarily on flower nectar.  The adult mosquito is mostly nocturnal, but will become active in shady, dark areas, or during days...
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 Types of Ants Meet the Odorous House Ant If you want to know how Odorous House Ants earned their unfortunate name, simply crush a few and your nose will provide the answer.  This type of ant comes in various shades of brown, with worker ants of this type reaching approximately one-tenth of an inch in length.  The odorous ant is particularly fond of sweets, especially honeydew melon.  They also will dine on other insects.  If it cannot satisfy its sweet tooth outdoors, the Odorous House Ant will move indoors in search of sweets, meats, and other foods. Odorous House Ants will...
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