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When we hear the word cockroach, we can just about feel our skin crawling and we feel the need to clean and disinfect every surface of our homes. Bugs of any kind are generally disgusting when it comes to our everyday lives, but cockroaches make the top of that list, especially when it comes to restaurants and commercial kitchens. Many restaurants will experience a bug problem at least once, but knowing what to look for, the types of roaches that primarily invade and how to get rid of them will aid in keeping them at bay and your kitchen will be...
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When you think of all the different insects and rodents that can come and lay claim in your home, which is the one that makes you the most squeamish? Is it finding a large web with a large, menacing spider staring down at you? Or opening a cupboard door and finding a feather duster-made bed with a family of mice all snuggled inside? What about when you get up to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, flick on the light switch and hear lots of scampering as your eye catches cockroaches running to their hiding spots....
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The Importance of Pest Control Whether you're a homeowner, running a business, or work in the agricultural field, pest control has taken on a greater importance in recent years. Pest control is crucial to the ongoing care of any structure you own, as they will seek shelter anywhere that can provide their basic necessities. Insects, rodents, even squirrels and raccoons have been known to be found anywhere with water and food supplies. Advances in pest control have been linked to our increased quality of life. Life expediencies continue to rise, due to the effect of pest control on the development of...
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Subterranean Termite Pre-Treatments When laying down a foundation for a new home or structure, termites are always an issue. It's always best to perform a pre-treatment before the project is fully under way. There are several layers or steps involved in the process as well as two types of subterranean termite pre-treatment that we will be looking at today. Initially, it is better to treat the soil under where a structure is to be built in order to prevent as much of an infestation as possible. A chemical barrier is formed within the soil to deter pests early. Typically this is...
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Smokey Brown Roaches and Pennsylvania Wood Roaches The smokey brown roach is a roach species that is primarily found in the southeast region of the United States, mainly in eastern and central Texas. However, they can be located in northern states, such as North Carolina and in the Midwest, in Indiana or Illinois. Named smokey brown because of its brown and black coloring, an adult smokey brown roach can reach lengths as long as 33 millimeters. Pennsylvania wood roaches are a common roach species that are mostly found in the central and eastern regions of North America. Male Pennsylvania wood roaches...
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